Dressage Top Ten

Classical Dressage, Philippe Karl Parts 1-4
Product ID : ZDVKARL
Classical Schooling Parts 1 & 2
Product ID : ZDV549-4260000132736
Classical Schooling with the Horse in Mind
Product ID : ZF762-978-1-57076-374-8
30 years with Master Nuno Oliveira, chronicled by Michel Henriquet
Product ID : ZF753
This classical text, which knowledgeable horsemen have been anxiously...
Rider & Horse Back to Back
Product ID : ZF706-978-1-57076-465-3
"Rider & Horse Back to Back" is a guide to back-friendly training of the...
The Pocket Guide to Build A Better Athlete
Product ID : ZP12-978-1-929164-47-9
Learn the progressive system Leslie Webb has developed to gymnasticize horses...
Classical versus Classique with Christoph Hess & Philippe Karl
Product ID : ZDV467
DVD, 130 minutes
Connected Riding and Groundwork DVD
Product ID : ZDV460
Jane Savoie's Dressage 101
Product ID : ZF704-978-1-57076-480-6
The Ultimate Source of Dressage Basics in a Language You Can Understand from...
Tug of War
Product ID : ZF570-978-1-57076-375-5
Lessons with Lendon
Product ID : ZF293