English Training Exercises

40 5-Minute Jumping Fixes
Product ID : ZF825
The Pocket Guide to Build A Better Athlete
Product ID : ZP12-978-1-929164-47-9
Learn the progressive system Leslie Webb has developed to gymnasticize horses...
Book + Pocket Guide Set to Build A Better Athlete
Product ID : ZWEBBS
Cross Country with Jim Wofford
Product ID : ZP13-978-1-929164-52-3
Twenty-six lessons to improve your eventing skills from the Olympic rider and...
Frank Madden, Fundamentals for Better Rideability
Product ID : ZDV424
In this Frank Madden DVD, two clinics focus on the importance of fundamentals...
Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration
Product ID : ZF220-978-1-57076-226-0
Activate Your Horses Core
Product ID : ZDV343
New DVD to help improve your horse's posture, self-carriage and balance
Essential Exercises by Sally O'Connor
Product ID : ZF523
The Right Track
Product ID : ZF555
Centered Riding, DVD 2
Product ID : ZDV222-978-1-57076-316-8
Centered Riding DVD 1
Product ID : ZDV221