In-Hand Work, Part 1: Basics
Product ID : ZDV510
Horse Agility DVD and Handbook
Product ID : ZDVAGIL
Horse Agility DVD
Product ID : ZDV555
Product ID : ZDV550
By Wilfried Gehrmann DVD, 51 minutes
Circus School, Part 2 Horses in the Circus Ring DVD
Product ID : ZDV462
In Part 2 Borelle demonstrates more challenging tricks, including work with...
Connected Riding and Groundwork DVD
Product ID : ZDV460
Trick Training for Horses
Product ID : ZF691-978-1-57076-462-2
Long Reining to Break Horses to Harness
Product ID : ZF698
Training the Safe Way
Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman
Product ID : ZF689
The Amazing Man and His Remarkable Horses
Horse Training In-Hand, Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister, Kip Mistral
Product ID : ZF614-978-1-57076-409-7
A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground, Work on Lunge, Long Lines, Long...
Longeing the Rider for a Perfect Seat
Product ID : ZF585-978-1-57076-384-7
Schooling Horses in Hand, DVD
Product ID : ZDV319-978-1-57076-337-3